[TO READ] You want to join us ? - Steps to follow

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[TO READ] You want to join us ? - Steps to follow Empty [TO READ] You want to join us ? - Steps to follow

Message par macro le Mer 23 Déc - 0:39

/!\ Thanks to read this post until the end /!\

We are looking for motivated players, devoted and ready to support the team and participate actively of its life.
For this we ask you to participate as much as possible to the topics (the rate of messages that you post allow to see your activity and your interest in the team, don't forget that you can post anywhere).
Don't hesitate to add the members in friends in TM, it will allow to meet us and to play together ! Don't hesitate to play on our servers Wink
You must know that if you don't connect to the game/forum during 1 month without informed us you will be kicked.
By posting your application you declare you have read these rules and are ready to respect them.

NOTE : During your navigation, you can click on the "Translate" button at the bottom of the screen, by clicking on it all texts will be automaticaly translated to english.

You can post you application in this section by copy/paste this model of application :

- Your TM login :
- Your TM nickname :
- Your age :
- Country :

- Your game level :

- Which TM do you have ? :

- Have you already take part of teams ? :
   -If yes, which ? :
  -Why did you leave ? :

- Have you already did matches or competitions ? :
- Are you volonteer to participate to matches or competitions ? :

- Your TM qualities (mapper, video, skinner...) :

- Have you a microphone for TeamSpeak ? :

- Have you been already a modo or admin of a forum/server ? :

- Which are your motivations to join us ? :
- How did you known us ? :

- Your availabilities :

- Type of application (Tech FUN/PRO or FullSpeed FUN/PRO) :

- Other (if you want to add a thing^^...) :

We have two line-ups (LU), a Tech and a FS. Thanks to say which line-up you want to join.
In each line-up we have a PRO and a FUN LU.
The PRO line-up is the line-up selectionned to participate to matches and competitions.
The FUN line-up is the line-up for players who haven't many experience, or who thinks they haven't the level for the PRO line-up in the target to improve their skill.

You will be in test during 2 weeks max.
We'll see your activity on the game and on the forum as said above. More you'll be active, more faster you'll join us Smile
You must beat 3 times on 3 maps during your test, click here to see them.
After posted your application you'll be able to join a server where you'll find the 3 maps for your test.
When you have beaten all times, send the screenshot of each time.

Don't hesitate to ask an admin for all informations !  Wink

Good luck ! Very Happy Very Happy


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